"A harrowing tale of abuse and addiction, told in a beautiful way that will touch your heart. This book was very emotional, very driven..." Kelly Smith Reviews

"Rawding has an incredibly knack for knowing what the reader wants to happen next and doesn't leave them hanging for long. I hope that he writes another story like this -- and I hope he writes it soon because I loved this book." 
Brian's Book Blog

"This novel took off quick and it drew me in quickly...I had a really hard time putting this one down though." Crandom Blog

"I was not expecting the level of emotional intensity that this novel achieves. Taking on Water is a horrific theater of human nature. And it begins with James." The Coffee Pot Review

"In a nutshell, this story is quite mind-blowing, poignant, painful and even thought-provoking. Verdict: This is one of the quite promising psychological thrillers in the world of fiction." Book Stop Corner

"Visceral and brutally honest, "Taking on Water" by the talented David Rawding is riveting. Rawding's unflinching portrayal of a man with personal and physical demons is engaging from the very first page." Reading Other People


"Wow, this was such a thrilling page turner!" My So-Called Book Reviews


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